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Recover abandoned carts without expanding your sales team or marketing efforts.

All you need to do is install our app, complete a quick onboarding process, and our team of live agents will handle the rest.



Quick Engagement with SMS Outreach

60% of Consumers Read SMS Messages Within 1-5 Minutes

Did you know that 60% of consumers read their SMS messages within just 1-5 minutes? This rapid response time provides a unique opportunity to re-engage customers who have abandoned their carts before they lose interest. Leveraging the immediacy of SMS messaging can significantly increase the chances of recovering lost sales and boosting your conversion rates.


Preference for Human Interaction

74% of Consumers Prefer Texts from Real People

Consumers overwhelmingly favor personal communication. In fact, 74% of consumers are more likely to respond to a business's text message if they know it comes from a real person rather than an automated system. This personal touch not only enhances customer engagement but also builds loyalty, making your brand more relatable and trustworthy.


More Effective Than Emails

30% Clickthrough Rate with SMS Marketing

SMS messaging stands out with an impressive 30% clickthrough rate, making it 4 times more effective than email marketing. This statistic highlights the power of SMS in capturing consumer attention and driving actions, such as completing a purchase. By utilizing SMS messaging, you can significantly enhance your engagement and conversion rates.


Abandoned cart

Active Cart Tracking and Immediate Response

After installing the app, CartConvert actively tracks cart activity, detecting when a cart is generated, advances to the checkout stage, and ultimately converts it into an order. If we detect that the shopper has abandoned their cart, we notify one of our agents to contact the shopper within 30 minutes of the time they leave your site.

Timely Interventions

We respect business hours as required by the state where the shopper resides. Our agents ensure timely interventions by reaching out within these hours to maximize the chances of recovering the sale.


Direct and Personalized Communication

We collect users' phone numbers from their accounts or checkout pages, allowing us to text them directly. Depending on the situation, we offer a coupon code to encourage them to complete the purchase, and we answer any questions they might have about your products, shipping times, return policies, and more.

Tailored Responses Based on Your Information

Our agents provide answers based on the information you provide during onboarding. This ensures that all communication is accurate and relevant, building trust with your customers and increasing the likelihood of converting abandoned carts into completed purchases.


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